• 1.ICC Initiatives
  • What is the main mission of ICC?


    ICC is a volunteer non-profit organization.  The organization's main mission is to provide help and guidance for Indian Community members and their families during emergency situations such as serious sickness, hospitalization, family crisis, accident and death / bereavement.

  • How is ICC Organized?


    ICC was established on Independence day - Aug. 15, 2007 in Massachusetts.  

    It is a volunteer based organization and it is currently managed, run and supported by volunteers from our community.

    It is recognized Charitable Organization by Internal Revenue Service effective April 1, 2010.

    Our Federal Tax ID is 26-0552373

  • 2.Leadership
  • Who are the current leaders of the organization


    Our Directors are:

    Mr. Chetan Mepani, Director of Community Outreach

    Mr. Jayanti Patel, Director of Volunteering

    Mr. Yogesh Parikh, Director Projects

    Mr. Girish Mehta, Founder and Executive Director

    As we continue to serve our community, we are would welcome additional members to join this dedicated team.  If you are willing to offer your services, time and energies to this great volunteer organization, we would love to hear from you!!  Please contact us to explore how you can be part of this organization.

  • 3.Financial Supporters
  • How is ICC supported financially?


    ICC provides its services at no cost.  In fact nothing is required or expected from the client as ICC volunteers serve them.  

    We at ICC have been fortunate that we have received donations from members and organization of our community and others to support ICC and provide necessary funding.  We at ICC are grateful for all those good hearted people for their generous donations.

  • 1.Role of a Volunteer
    What is the role of a volunteer at ICC?
  • What are different volunteering opportunities?


    ICC Volunteers serve in three main categories:

    1.  ICC Gems:  These volunteers provide their skills, time and energies to help individual / client families as they require personal support, guidance and assistance.  They help the families during emergency or urgent situations such as serious sickness, hospitalization, family crisis, accident as well as death and bereavement.

    2. ICC Brain Trust:  These volunteers help ICC to organize and maintain various acitivities.  Their skills are use for community outreach, volunteer building, web site and data base administration and other activities.

    3. ICC Professional Advisors:  ICC relies on professionals to guide ICC volunteers as they help clients.  Typically these professioals are Physicians, Attorneys, Psychologists, Religioous / Spiritual leaders.    Please note that they do not substitute clients' professional resources such as doctors, attorneys etc., but act as a sounding board and for gudiance so that client is better equiped to work with professionals they hire.

  • 2.Volunteers
  • What is the role of Volunteers?


    ICC volunteers are the most important members of the team.  They provide their time, energies and skills to help fellow community members.

    Please note that these individuals serve the community without any expectations in return.  In fact, they pay for any travel, tolls, parking and other expenses out of their pocket!!

    We at ICC appreciate and salute their dedication.

  • 3.Death and Bereavement
  • What resources are necessary for final rites and cremation rituals?


    The following resources are needed for proper and dignified final rites and cremation ceremony:

    Funeral Home:  Funeral Home and Directors provide logistics support which include transportation of remains, preparation and storage of remains,  coordination to secure legal authorization and permits, casket or suitable container for cremation as well as death certificates.  They also coordinate timing and location for cremation.  In some cased, some visitation and services are done at a funeral home.

    Crematory:  Crematory provides a chapel where final rites can be performed as well as a crematory where cremation takes place.

    Priest:  Priest provides guidance and carries out final rites (religious ceremony) according to the family tradition and religious practices of the family.

  • How soon after death cremation can be performed?


    The minimum wait time for performing cremation is governed by state authority.  Medical Examination and authorization to cremate need to be obtain, unless the cause of death is suspicious or require further releases from law enforcement authorities.  

    There is a forty eight (48) hour wait time in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.